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Velvet | Scrunchies

Velvet | Scrunchies


Scrunchies are proudly brought to you by FCD & Me, my daughters side hustle to learn about the value of hard work and saving money :)


Made of velvet, these scrunchies are comfortable, soft and stretchy for any hair type and amount. Available in a variety of colors and prints these 80's retro pieces are perfect for holding back hair or an accessory on your wrist.


Elastic hair bands size unexpanded size (inner diameter) is approximately 1.4", with the outer diameter being 4".


*WIX only lets me add 30 color choices so if you'd like: Carmine, Brown, Grey, Deep Purple, or Dark Green please list it and qty in 'Add A Note' field in checkout. Thanks!


Enter code 'SCRUNCHIE' at check out to get 5 for $20 (savings of $5).

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