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Fast Mary's Bloody Mary Enhancer - Mild Bangin' Blend

Fast Mary's Bloody Mary Enhancer - Mild Bangin' Blend


16 oz amber glass bottle - yields 10+ Bloody Mary's.


The OG (Original Gangster)! Fast Mary's (Mild) Bangin' Blend has the perfect combination of flavors to please any midwestern's palette. Just add a few splashes to your morning cocktail and enjoy the ride.


Fast Mary's Bloody Mary Enhancer is a naturally vegan and gluten-free, liquid seasoning blend.  Handcrafted and infused to perfection, Fast Mary's turns any ordinary Bloody Mary into an ultimate culinary concoction. 


This enticing enhancer is a tasty, convenient way to spice up your favorite morning cocktail. We've done all the dirty work for you. Just add the tomato juice and/or a liquor of your choosing. With two dill-icious blends to choose from, there's a something for everyone. Be creative and build your own bang'n beverage.




Made in the Midwest.

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