Jute Tote Bag

Jute Tote Bag


Our personalized Des Moines Farmers Market totes are made with jute and leather handles, adorned with rivets, a zippered Closure & zippered inside pocket.


Each one is made from natural vegetable fiber making it reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Great for shopping, grocery shopping, gift, and a market memory, you can be assured they are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.


Measuring 17" W x 10" H x 5.5" D

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It’s the little things that make life special; warm sunshine on your face, coffee shared with a friend … and a fabulously stylish tote! At Handcrafted FCD, we are dedicated to bringing you quality, handmade creations to help you live your life in style. Whether you’re searching for a trendy Tote to carry all your  treasures, a colorful Scrunchie to keep hair off your neck or accessorize your wrist, a new Journal for documenting special events and travel memories, or a lightweight Throw Blanket to throw over your shoulders at an evening camp-out … you've come to the right place. Our timeless colors and clean patterns will compliment any style. We at Handcrafted FCD know that you want a product that not only fulfills its purpose but is an extension of your personality, and that is exactly what we set out to accomplish with each design we create. Have fun shopping for a one-of-a-kind creation that is so sweet, so stylish AND just right for you!

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